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Once a woman owned 10 silver pieces of money. They were very precious to her, and she took good care of them. One day she thought she noticed that one was missing. Just to be certain, she looked again. Sure enough—there were only nine!

This woman probably lived in a house with a dirt floor. The house may have had just one small window, so it was dark in the house. When she realized her coin was missing, this woman knew it must have fallen to the floor. It was lost! Since there wasn’t much light in her house, it would be a big job to find it!

This coin was very precious to the woman. It may have been a gift. Finding the coin was important to her. Everything else she had been doing would have to wait. So she lit a lamp to give her more light, and then she went to work. Carefully, carefully, she looked for the coin, watching for a sparkle and listening for a sound in case the coin fell out and hit the hard ground.

She swept the whole house carefully, looking closely for her coin. First this part of the house, then that part of the house, taking the lamp with her as she moved. Slowly and carefully, ever so carefully, she swept the floor clean as she looked for her coin.

And then—did she see something sparkle just a little? She bent down to look and pushed aside the dirt. Yes! There was her coin!

She had found it! She was so happy! She ran and told her friends and neighbors. “My coin! I found my lost coin!” And they were happy for her. “Come,” she said. “Come celebrate with me.”

God is like that woman, and we are like that lost coin. We are so precious to God that He doesn’t want us to be lost. He will search for us because He wants us to belong to Him. And He wants us to help Him search for other boys and girls or even mothers or fathers who may not know Him. He wants us all to live in heaven with Him forever.

Soon, very soon, Jesus will come for us and take us to live with Him. In heaven we will sit with Jesus and hear wonderful stories that He will tell. Heaven will be a special place for all who choose to belong to Jesus.