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Jesus had spent a busy day teaching the people, and He decided to go to Peter’s house. The Bible doesn’t tell us why He decided to go there. Maybe He went to have lunch or maybe take a nap. Or maybe He went to talk with His friends away from the crowds. Or maybe it was all of those reasons. The Bible does tells us what happened when He got there.

There was a problem at Peter’s house. Peter’s wife’s mother was sick. She had a high fever, and Peter’s family was worried about her.

“I’ll ask Jesus to help her,” Peter decided.

So Peter told Jesus about his wife’s mother and the terrible fever that wouldn’t go away. He really wanted Jesus to help her.

Quietly Jesus went with Peter into the room where the sick woman rested. She was so sick! She was too sick to get up and take care of her family.

Jesus smiled kindly at her. Then He quietly bent over the woman and told the fever to leave. Immediately, her fever was gone! Right away she got up and fixed food for Jesus and His helpers.

That was big news! Someone visiting Peter could heal the sick! Someone told a neighbor, who told someone else, who told someone else. Soon people all over town knew that Jesus had healed Peter’s mother-in-law. And before long, people were lining up at Peter’s house. Some were sick themselves. Others brought friends or loved ones who were sick. Some walked on their own; others had to be carried by friends. But on and on they came. It seemed they would never stop!

Jesus loved every one of them. It made Him sad to see so many suffering people. He wanted them all to be well. And so hour after hour, late into the night, He healed them. He did not stop until the last person who came was made well.

What a long, exciting day it had been. Jesus was happy that He had been able to help so many sick people.

Jesus wants you to help people who are sick too. What can you do? You can smile. You can sing a happy song. You can give them a drink of cool water. But most of all you can pray and ask Jesus to help them get well.