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Jairus was an important man. He had an important job at the synagogue. But that didn’t matter, and it didn’t help. His daughter was sick, and nothing anyone could do was making her well. But Jairus knew there was one person who could help. He had heard about the miracles Jesus could do. He had heard that Jesus could make people well. So Jairus went to see Jesus.

Jairus found Jesus with a crowd of people at Levi Matthew’s house. He pushed his way to where Jesus was and fell down at Jesus’ feet. “My little daughter is dying,” Jairus cried. “Please come and heal her so that she may live.

That daddy’s prayer touched Jesus’ heart. Jesus and Jairus started on the way to Jairus’ house. But before they got there, a man came running toward them through the crowd. “Don’t bother Jesus anymore,” the man said to Jairus. “Your daughter died a few minutes ago.” But Jesus didn’t pay any attention. “Don’t be afraid,” He told Jairus. “I can make her better.”

When they reached the house, people were crying and wailing loudly. Jesus sent them all outside. Only Jairus and his wife and three of Jesus’ helpers were allowed to go into the house with Jesus. The little girl was lying on her bed. Her eyes were closed. She was very still. And she wasn’t breathing! Jesus took her by the hand and said, “Talitha [which means “little girl”], I say to you, get up!” All of a sudden the little girl started to breathe! Her eyes opened. She sat up and smiled. Jesus smiled too. Then He turned to the girl’s mother and said, “Give her something to eat.”

Jairus and his wife were so happy! Jesus had listened to Jairus’ cry for help. He had come, even though everyone said it was too late. And now their little girl was alive again! They were so glad they had asked Jesus for help. They were so happy that He had listened. And they were thrilled to have their little girl alive and well again. Jesus loved that little girl. And Jesus loves you. He always listens when you talk to Him. He always loves us, and His answers are always what is best for us.