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After the Israelites had been traveling in the desert for several weeks, the food they had brought with them from Egypt ran out. There were no stores. There were no fields or trees to get food from. They started to worry about food. Nothing grew in the desert. Instead of trusting God, they started complaining and grumbling again.

God knew they needed food. God knew they were hungry. He knew they needed healthy food. So God told Moses He would send them bread from heaven.

During the night, something wonderful happened. In the morning, thin white flakes lay on the ground all around the camp.

The Israelites had never seen anything like it. “What is it?” they said to one another. All over the camp people could be heard asking, “What is it?”

“It’s the food the Lord has given you to eat,” said Moses. This special food tasted like honey wafers! The people called it manna, which means “What is it?”

Then Moses said, “Each morning you will find manna on the ground. Get up early and gather enough for the day. Do not keep any overnight.”

But some people didn’t listen to Moses. They tried to save some manna for the next day. The next morning their manna was spoiled and smelled bad. Some people were lazy and didn’t gather enough for the whole day. But the hot sun melted the manna, and those people went hungry until the next day.

On Friday Moses told the people to gather enough manna for two days, because God would not send manna on Sabbath. But some people didn’t listen to Moses. On other nights the manna had spoiled. They thought it would spoil on Friday night, too. But it didn’t, and on Sabbath no new manna appeared on the ground.

By the end of the first week, everyone knew that they had to follow God’s directions. As long as they gathered enough manna for the whole day every morning, they had enough to eat. And every Friday they had to gather enough for two days. When the Israelites followed God’s directions, they had fresh food every day. God took care of their needs. And God takes care of our needs too.

God gives us our food today too. He may not send manna from heaven, but however you get food, it is because God provides for your needs. Let’s praise God for our food!