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Perhaps Naaman ran his chariot horses as fast as they would go. The God of Israel and of Little Maid had healed him. He just had to show Elisha.

Dust swirled around the horses as Naaman and his servants stopped in front of Elisha’s house. Naaman knocked on the door. He couldn’t stop smiling.

Maybe this time Elisha came to the door. Naaman might have smiled from ear to ear. It made Elisha smile. Naaman showed Elisha his skin. It was smooth and healthy looking. Over and over he thanked Elisha. Elisha probably just nodded and smiled.

“Now I know that there is no God in all the world like the God of Israel,” Naaman exclaimed. “Please take these gifts.” Naaman’s servants began to unload all the silver and gold and new clothes they had brought.

Elisha held up his hand. “No,” he said, shaking his head back and forth. “I will not take any gifts.” Elisha did not want to take presents from Naaman, because he did not want Naaman to think he could pay to have God heal him. Elisha wanted God to have the glory for healing Naaman. He was just happy that Naaman now knew the true God.

Naaman begged Elisha to accept the gifts. “Please, take these gifts. I want to show you how thankful I am.” Still Prophet Elisha shook his head no.

Naaman bowed his head in thanks to Elisha and Elisha’s God. His servants packed the gifts. Naaman stepped into his chariot and shook the reins as he shouted, “Let’s go home!”

Mrs. Naaman may have been watching the road from her window. A dust cloud formed on the road. Her husband! She likely ran to meet him. She couldn’t believe her eyes! The white leprosy spots were gone. “You’re well!” she may have shouted with joy. Now she couldn’t stop smiling! Naaman may have smiled and laughed as he told his wife all that had happened. “I knew Little Maid’s prophet could heal you,” she might have said.

“Yes, but it wasn’t the prophet who healed me,” Naaman said. “It was God. There is no other God like Him. The God of Israel is the true God. I have decided to worship only Him from now on.”

The whole country heard that Naaman’s leprosy was gone. The whole country knew now that there was a God in Israel who could do mighty things that their idols never could do.