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Captain Naaman was excited and afraid at the same time. He was on his way to see Prophet Elisha. He was excited because he might be healed of his leprosy. He was scared because he thought maybe he wouldn’t be healed.

Captain Naaman packed silver and gold and new clothes. These would be thank-you gifts if he was healed.

At last Captain Naaman and his servants arrived at the prophet’s house. Elisha’s servant greeted him. He would tell the prophet that Captain Naaman had arrived.

Captain Naaman waited impatiently outside the house. A few minutes later the servant returned with a message. “Prophet Elisha says you are to wash seven times in the Jordan River, and your leprosy will be healed.”

Naaman’s face turned red with anger! How rude! The prophet didn’t even talk to me, he thought to himself. He didn’t like the message either. Captain Naaman stomped back to his chariot. He shouted, “Let’s go home!”

Naaman’s servants looked at each other with confused looks. “Why are we going home?” they asked.

“Because I am not going to wash in the muddy Jordan River. If washing is all I need to do, we have better rivers at home,” he replied.

“Wait,” said the servants. “If the prophet had asked you to do something hard, you would have tried to do it. Why not do something easy?”

Naaman stopped and thought about it. They are right, he thought. I’ve come all this way. I’ll do what the prophet says. “All right,” Captain Naaman said. “Let’s go to the Jordan River.”

Quickly they rode to the river. Naaman took off his robes and sandals. He looked at the muddy river with a frown, but he waded right in.

Captain Naaman dipped under the water one time—but the spots were still there. Two times—the spots were still there. Three times—spots still there. Four times—spots still there. Five times—spots still there. Six times—spots still there. Seven times—spots gone! God healed Naaman just as Elisha had said He would!

Naaman leaped out of the river. He looked at himself. Yes! He really was healed! No more leprosy spots! He couldn’t wait to thank Prophet Elisha. He couldn’t wait to get home to tell his family.

Little Maid and Prophet Elisha had served Naaman well. God wants us to do good things for others too.