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The little slave girl, Little Maid, carefully lifted the perfume bottles and dusted them. The bottles usually sparkled in the light that streamed through the bedroom windows. But not today.

Today the curtains were closed. And Mrs. Naaman was sitting on her bed in the darkness, crying softly. Little Maid knew why. Captain Naaman had leprosy. No one could make the leprosy go away. The leprosy made white spots on his skin. And he could not feel things with his fingers and toes. Mrs. Naaman was very, very sad.

Little Maid tiptoed quietly to the bed. “I wish Master Naaman would go to see the prophet in my country,” she whispered. “Prophet Elisha would heal him of his leprosy.”

Mrs. Naaman wiped her eyes. “What are you talking about, child?” she asked.

So Little Maid told Mrs. Naaman all about the prophet Elisha, who lived in Israel. “The Lord of heaven works miracles through the prophet Elisha,” she said. Then Little Maid told Mrs. Naaman all she had learned from her parents about the true and living God.

Mrs. Naaman scooted off the bed. “Bring me some water to wash my face,” she said. “I must talk to my husband.”

Captain Naaman was the commander of the king’s army. So Naaman told the king what Little Maid had told his wife. “Go!” said the king. “Go and visit the prophet. I will send a letter to the king of Israel for you.”

Captain Naaman took silver and gold coins and 10 sets of beautiful clothes with him. These would be gifts to people in Israel who helped him.

But when the king of Israel read the letter from the king of Syria, he was deeply troubled. The king of Israel knew he couldn’t heal Naaman. He didn’t understand why the king of Syria thought he could. He was worried. What if Naaman wasn’t healed? Would the king of Syria attack Israel again?

Prophet Elisha heard about Naaman’s visit. Elisha sent Israel’s king a message. “Why are you so upset? Have Naaman come to me, and he will know that there is a prophet in Israel.” Prophet Elisha knew that he couldn’t heal Captain Naaman, but God could.

Prophet Elisha and Little Maid both wanted Captain Naaman to know about the true God. Little Maid showed her love of God as she helped Mrs. Naaman and in everything she said. She loved to share God with others.

You can serve God too by what you do and say. That is how others will know that you love God.