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The little girl looked around the kitchen. It was bigger than the one at home. She had often helped her mother make delicious bread and stews.

Then the little girl looked around the dining room. She saw a huge table, much larger than the one her family had at home. She saw a broom, and pretty dishes on a table. The little girl was good at sweeping. She was also good at setting the table. She had been taught by her mother just where to put the bowls and plates and cups.

The little girl was in the home of the man in charge of the Syrian army. An important man and a brave soldier, he had recently led the army in an attack against Israel, and he had won.

Suddenly a woman came into the room and smiled at the little girl. “Oh, you must be the little girl my husband, Naaman, told me about. I’m Mrs. Naaman. You are going to be my helper. Come, little maid, I’ll show you what to do.”

The lady led Little Maid down a long hallway. Little Maid followed. Mrs. Naaman pointed to the beds to be made, then floors to be swept and furniture to be dusted. Then there were clothes to wash and hang out to dry.

Little Maid soon felt at ease doing the many chores. She worked very hard, many hours a day. But she didn’t complain or whine. Her parents had taught her well to be a cheerful helper and to do the best she could.

Mrs. Naaman and Captain Naaman noticed how good Little Maid worked. Everything she did was done well. She didn’t give up if something was hard. She didn’t grumble or complain. She smiled while she worked! She was friendly and happy. There was something different about this little girl from Israel. She wasn’t like the other servants.

How was she different? She knew God. Little Maid served God wherever she was, whether at home in Israel with her family, or in Syria at the home of Captain and Mrs. Naaman. Little Maid could have been angry at Captain Naaman for taking her away from her home. But she trusted God and wanted to serve Him wherever she was.

You can serve God wherever you are too. You can help at home. Take your dirty dishes to the sink after you eat. Offer to dust the furniture. Play kindly with your brothers and sisters. Share your toys with friends. Smile and be friendly to the children you see at the playground. In all these ways and in all these places you are serving God. You can serve God wherever you are.