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sther, a pretty little girl, lived in the land of Persia. When both her parents died, Esther went to live with her older cousin, Mordecai. Mordecai loved Esther and cared for her as if she were his own daughter.

As Esther grew to be a young woman, Mordecai taught her all the things parents teach their children. He taught her to be kind and helpful. He taught her to be honest and brave. And he taught her to love and worship God. Although Esther and Mordecai lived in Persia, they weren’t Persian. They were Jewish, and Mordecai didn’t want Esther to forget the God of her people.

When Esther was a young woman, the king of Persia decided to look for a new queen. Young women from all over the country were called to the palace. The king would choose a new queen from among them. Esther was one of those young women.

Each young woman enjoyed a year of special care before they went to meet the king. During this time they lived in a special part of the king’s palace and were cared for by special helpers. Esther was such a kind, thoughtful girl, that she soon became friends with the one in charge of all the girls. He gave her seven special maids, the best food, and the best place to stay.

Mordecai worked in the king’s palace. He could walk in the gardens near where the young women lived. There he could find out how Esther was, and what was happening to her.

Finally it was time for Esther to meet the king. Would he like her? Would he like her more than all the other young women? Would he make her queen?

The king did like her. Mordecai had raised her well. She was not only beautiful, she was kind and sweet, and she won the king’s favor.

The king put a royal crown on Esther’s head and made her queen. He gave a great feast for her. He proclaimed a holiday throughout the entire country, and gave lots of gifts in honor of his new queen.

Mordecai had cared for Esther most of her life. And he didn’t stop caring for her when she became queen. Mordecai and Esther were part of God’s family. And people in God’s family never stop caring for each other.

How can you show others that you care for them? Think of several things you can do. Can you help people in your family? Can you pray for them? Sing a song for them? Or give them a hug? Show your love to someone in your family today.