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Elisha was visiting the school of the prophets at Gilgal. “Another new student is starting today,” someone told him. “But there is hardly any room for him. This school needs more space.” The students liked the prophet’s visits. He answered their questions and listened to them. So they told him about the space problem.

“Prophet Elisha,” a student began, “we like it when you come. And we like to have new students. But we have a big problem. We need more room.”

Prophet Elisha thought about it. The school really was too small.

“Yes,” he agreed. “This place is too small.” “Let’s go to the Jordan River. We can build a place there where there is plenty of room,” someone suggested. “And there are plenty of trees to cut down for a larger building.”

A bigger place was needed so more students could come and learn about God so they could tell others. “Yes,” Elisha encouraged. “That’s a good idea. Go and get started.”

Then one of the students said, “Won’t you please come with us? You can help us find the right place.”

“I will,” Elisha replied. And he went with them. So they all met at the river and started working. Lots of trees had to be cut down to build a larger school. Everyone worked hard, chopping and cutting with axes.

Suddenly one of the students cried out, “Oh, no! No! No!” Everyone heard a big splash and turned to look. His ax! The axhead was gone! No wonder the student was upset. An ax was an expensive tool. The axhead was made of iron, and it would be hard to replace.

“It wasn’t mine,” the student moaned. “I borrowed it! What will I do? How can I replace it?”

Elisha hurried to the young man’s side. “Where did the axhead fall into the river?” he asked.

The student pointed to the exact spot. “There,” he said. “It just flew into the river right there.”

Then Elisha did the strangest thing. He picked up a stick and threw it into the water, right where the axhead fell in. And up came the axhead, floating on the water! “Lift it out,” Elisha said to the young man. So the young man entered the water and waded to the axhead. He grabbed it and returned to shore where he fixed it to the ax handle.

Now, everyone knows that things made of iron can’t float. So how did this axhead float? It was a miracle! God used Elisha to perform another miracle!

Yes, God cares about the little things. He cares if we lose a borrowed tool or a favorite toy. He cares about all your needs!