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The students of the Gilgal School of the Prophets were excited. Elisha was coming to visit! Good things always happened when the prophet came. Elisha always had time to listen to them. He gave them good counsel and encouraged them in their studies.

Yes, the prophet was coming, and the students were excited. But they also thought about something more than their studies.

Would Elisha hear their stomachs growling? What? Stomachs growling? Yes. Another drought in the land meant no rain, which meant little food growing, which meant stomachs growling with hunger.

Everyone greeted Elisha excitedly. It was easy to see that the students looked forward to his visit. Elisha smiled as he listened to their chatter. But he also noticed that the students looked thin and a little pale. They haven’t had much food to eat, Elisha thought. He knew they needed food so they could think clearly. Elisha called to his servant, “Bring a big pot and make some stew for the students.”

The servant went into the field near the school. He found some things growing on a vine. He wasn’t quite sure, but thought they would do. Elisha’s servant boiled some water in the big pot. He cut up the things he had found and added them to the water, threw in some herbs, and let them cook.

The smell drifted to the students. Now their stomachs were really growling! They didn’t know what the servant had put in the stew, but it smelled wonderful. They hurried to wash their hands and get their bowls. Soon they gathered around the big pot. They held their bowls, eagerly waiting to be served. They gulped down the first bites.

Something was wrong! “Stop!” they shouted. “There is poison in the pot!”

The servant was shocked. Poison? The plants must have been bad. What have I done? he worried.

But God was watching and He told Elisha what to do. “Bring me some flour,” Elisha insisted. His servant hurried away and soon returned with a sack of flour. Quickly Elisha added the flour to the pot and stirred it. He tasted the stew, then told his servant to offer it to the students again.

The servant must have hesitated. The students probably hesitated too. Does flour normally take away poison? No, but they trusted God, and they trusted God’s servant, Elisha.

The stew tasted delicious! So they eagerly emptied their bowls. Elisha realized the students’ need of food, and he did what he could. With God’s help, he cared for the students.

God will take care of you, too. Just ask Him to every day.