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Elijah stayed in Zarephath where God had sent him. God had not sent rain for a long, long time because the people still worshipped the idol Baal.

Without rain the crops did not grow, and people everywhere were very hungry. But there was always food in the widow’s house, just as the Lord had promised.

Every day when the widow looked into her jar, she found enough flour to make bread. Every day when she looked into her jug, she found enough oil, too. Every day God kept His promise.

One morning the widow’s son whispered to his mother, “I don’t feel good, Mother. I hurt all over.”

The mother held her son and rocked him. She gave him cool water to drink. She sang soft songs to him. But her son didn’t get well. He got worse. And then he died. The widow woman cried and cried. Tears ran down her face as she told Elijah what had happened.

“Give me your son,” Elijah said. He carried the boy upstairs to the room the widow had given Elijah. He laid the boy on the bed. Then Elijah cried to the Lord. “Why has this happened to the kind woman who is sharing her home with me? O Lord my God, let this boy’s life return to him!”

Three times Elijah prayed this prayer. The Lord did not answer Elijah with words. He did not answer Elijah’s question about why the widow woman’s son had died. But after the third prayer the boy began to breathe again. He came back to life!

Elijah shouted with joy. He picked up the boy and rushed down the stairs. “Your son is alive!” he shouted. “Your son is alive!”

The widow grabbed her boy in a big hug. She was so happy she laughed and cried at the same time. Then she looked up at Elijah through her tears. “Now I know that you are a man of God,” she said. “God loves us very much! I know He will always answer our prayers.”

God loves you very much too. He will always be with you and will always love you. Say, “I love You, Jesus” each day when you pray.