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King Ahab, the king of God’s own special people, was worshipping idols! God watched King Ahab bow his head in front of the idol Baal. “Bring us lots of rain, O Baal!” King Ahab prayed to the idol. “Give us rain so our food will grow in the fields, and we will have plenty to eat.”

King Ahab prayed to the idol Baal every day. He even built a temple for the idol Baal so everybody could worship him. And many people did.

Was there anyone left who wasn’t worshipping Baal? Was there anyone left who really loved God? Was there anyone God could use to tell His special people to return to worshipping the true God? Yes, there was! Elijah and several others!

So God spoke to Elijah. God gave Elijah a very important message for King Ahab.

Elijah walked quickly into King Ahab’s palace. Elijah spoke loudly, “My God, the true God, says there will be no rain for the next few years unless I say so. Your idol Baal cannot give you rain.”

King Ahab couldn’t believe his ears! His mouth hung open in surprise. Before King Ahab could think of anything to say, Elijah hurried out of the palace. Where should I go now? Elijah thought. King Ahab is going to be very angry!

God spoke to Elijah again. “Go to the east and hide by Kerith Brook,” He said. God knew that King Ahab would try to kill Elijah. “Drink fresh water from the brook,” God continued, “and I will send ravens to feed you.” Elijah hurried to Kerith Brook. He sat on the ground and thought about all that had happened. Just as the sun began to disappear behind the mountains, Elijah heard birds calling. Caw! Caw! Caw! Big black birds swooped down. The ravens dropped the food they were carrying on a rock near Elijah. Then they quickly flew away. Elijah watched the birds disappear. Amazing! he thought. When God said He was going to send ravens to take care of me, He meant it!

Elijah bowed his head and thanked God. He sat on the rock and picked up his supper. Then he looked at the sky in the direction the ravens had flown. God had kept His promise. God always keeps His promises.