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Joseph looked at the 11 men standing uncomfortably before him. The men were strangers to the other people in the palace. Just strangers who had journeyed to Egypt to buy food during the famine. But Joseph knew exactly who the men were. They were his brothers! The brothers he had thought he would never see again.

Joseph’s mind flooded with memories. He remembered how his 10 older brothers had treated him. He remembered the horrible day they had pushed him into the big hole in the ground—and then pulled him out and sold him to be a slave in Egypt.

It was time to tell his brothers that the man they were standing in front of—the man who looked like an Egyptian prince and ruled all of Egypt, second only to the king—was really their very own brother Joseph.

“Go!” Joseph said to his servants. “Wait outside.”

Soon only his brothers were left in the room with Joseph. Tears began to stream down Joseph’s face. “I am Joseph!” he exclaimed. “I am your brother! Is my father still alive?” he cried.

The brothers’ mouths dropped open. Could this very important ruler of Egypt really be their brother? Suddenly they were afraid! What would Joseph do to them? They had been so mean to him! They had sold him to be a slave!

“Come closer to me,” Joseph said. He knew his brothers were frightened.

“I am your brother Joseph. You sold me to be a slave in Egypt. But don’t be worried,” he said kindly. “God is really the one who sent me here. He sent me here to save your lives during this famine.

“Go home quickly!” he said. “Tell my father that I am ruler over all Egypt—second only to the king. Bring him here. And your children and your grandchildren. You will live near me, and I will take care of you during the years of hunger.”

Then Joseph and his brothers talked for a long, long time. Joseph told his brothers over and over that he forgave them for what they had done. And Joseph had lots of questions about his family.

Reuben sighed a big sigh. He felt good. He felt forgiven.

Reuben looked around at his other brothers. He listened as they interrupted each other to tell Joseph happy stories about their children. Reuben knew his brothers felt forgiven too. They would bring their father and their families to Egypt. And Joseph would finally see his father again.