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Joseph stuck his whole head down into the water. He came up sputtering and laughing. The cool water felt so good! Taking care of sheep all day was a dusty business. Joseph shook his head back and forth. Little drops of water flew everywhere.

“Hey! Watch what you’re doing!” his brother Reuben yelled at him.

“Is that Joseph?” their father called. “Where is my son Joseph?”

Jacob had many sons, but he loved his son Joseph most. Father Jacob was old and his young son gave him a lot of happiness. Joseph wasn’t like his 10 older brothers. They quarreled, and sometimes caused their father problems. Joseph was gentle, and he always told the truth. He was full of joy, and he made his father smile.

Joseph hurried to see what his father wanted. Jacob had a special gift for Joseph, a beautiful new coat. Made from many different colors, it was the kind a ruler or other special person would wear. Joseph slipped his arms into the coat. He ran his hand over the soft fabric. “Thank you, Father,” he whispered. He especially liked the bright colors.

Joseph’s big brothers may have frowned at him. Why was he so special? Why did he always get presents from their father? The jealous brothers grumbled among themselves.

One night Joseph had an unusual dream. The next day he told it to his brothers. “We were in the field tying bundles of wheat together. My bundle stood up, and your bundles of wheat bowed down to mine.”

“Do you really think we would ever bow down to you?” the brothers scowled. Again they grumbled among themselves.

Later Joseph had another dream. He told his brothers and his father about this dream too. “I saw the sun, moon, and 11 stars bow down to me,” he said.

Father Jacob gently scolded Joseph. “Do you really think that your mother and your brothers and I will bow down to you?” he asked. No one understood what Joseph’s dreams meant. But Jacob did not forget. Years later he would remember and understand.

Joseph was blessed to receive many gifts from God. God blessed Joseph with the gift of dreams that he would one day understand.

God loves you and blesses you with many gifts too. He gives you good thoughts. He will always help you do the right things.