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Nicodemus opened the door just a tiny little bit. The night was dark. There wasn’t anybody on the street. He closed the door gently and walked to the city gate.

While he walked he thought about the new teacher. He had listened to Him teach. Nicodemus had studied his Bible scrolls, and he was sure this new teacher was someone sent by God. Nicodemus thought this new teacher was the promised Savior, the Messiah they had been waiting for but he wanted to be sure.

Nicodemus had important friends. And this teacher was not popular. Nicodemus’s friends didn’t like the new teacher. So Nicodemus had decided, “I’m going to see Him at night!”

And that’s what he did. He walked in the darkness to see Jesus. “I know that You are a teacher from God,” Nicodemus said to Jesus. “No one could do miracles like You do unless He came from God.”

Jesus spoke kindly to Nicodemus. “God loves everybody,” He told Nicodemus. “God loves people so much that He has sent someone very special, His own Son, to help people on this earth.”

Now Nicodemus was sure Jesus was very special. As he thought and thought and read his Bible scrolls, he was convinced that Jesus was the Messiah, the Savior God had promised to send.

However, Nicodemus had a problem. His friends didn’t like Jesus. They didn’t want Jesus to teach and heal people, so they tried to stop Him. And when Nicodemus’s important friends tried to hurt Jesus or make things hard for Him, Nicodemus talked them out of it.* “You can’t do that,” he told them. “That’s not right. That’s not what our laws say.”

When Jesus died, Nicodemus was there to help. He didn’t care if other people saw him. Nicodemus had been a secret friend, but now everybody could see he was Jesus’ friend.

Nicodemus was rich. He spent his money helping other people know about Jesus. He wanted others to be Jesus’ special friends too. Would you like to be Jesus’ friend today, as Nicodemus was? Would you like to tell your friends about Jesus?