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One day a fisherman named Andrew talked to Jesus. He was sure that Jesus was the Savior he had heard about. Andrew wanted to tell someone the good news! So he went to find his brother, Peter.

A few days later, early in the morning, Jesus saw Peter and Andrew and their friends James and John down by the seashore. The men had fished all night long and had not caught one fish. Now they were washing and mending their nets so they could use them another night. Everyone knew that nighttime was the best time for fishing.

People began to come down to the seashore to see Jesus. Jesus looked at the fishing boats. He decided to climb into one so He could go out a little way from the shore. Then all of the people could hear Him.

Jesus talked to the people for a while. Then He turned to Peter. “Peter, put your nets out in the deep water and catch some fish,” Jesus said.

Peter was surprised. “Sir, we have fished all night long, and we haven’t caught any fish,” he said. “However, we will do as You have asked.”

So Peter and his brother, Andrew, tugged at the nets. They knew that daytime was not the best time to catch fish. But they put the nets into the water again anyway.

Suddenly their nets were filled with more fish than you could count! The nets were so heavy with fish that Peter and Andrew called for James and John to help them! James and John came and helped. They too were surprised to see so many fish!

When the nets and the fish were in the boats, Jesus turned to the four fishermen. “Follow Me,” He said, “and you will be fishers of men!” Jesus meant that they would help Him tell other people about God’s love so the people would want to follow God.

Peter and Andrew, James and John wanted to help Jesus! They wanted to tell other people about this Man who did such wonderful things. So they left their fishing boats and nets and all those fish behind and went to help Jesus.

Peter, Andrew, James, and John became special helpers for Jesus. For the rest of their lives they told others about Jesus and His love!

You are Jesus’ special friend too! You can be a helper for Jesus, just like His disciples. You can tell others about Him too.