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Jesus and His friends were going to a party! No, it wasn’t a birthday party. It was a wedding party. Where Jesus lived, when people got married, they had a party that lasted for many days! So they had lots of food to eat and juice to drink.

Some of Jesus’ family were at this wedding party. Mary, His mother, was there. She had helped plan the party. And some of Jesus’ special friends were there too.

Everyone was having fun, but the people who planned the party were worried. The servants came to Mary and may have said, “All the juice is gone! What shall we do? The party will be ruined. The bride and groom will be so embarrassed!”

What can I do? Jesus’ mother may have wondered. She turned and saw Jesus. Quietly she went to Him and said, “The juice is all gone!”

Jesus looked around. He saw some big water jugs. He spoke quietly to the servants, “Go fill the big water jugs with water.”

They were puzzled. What good would that do? they wondered. But they did as Jesus said. When all the jugs were full, Jesus said to the servants, “Take some to the person in charge of the party.”

The men poured some of the water into a cup—except it wasn’t water anymore! It was JUICE! Good, sweet, grape juice! Now there would be enough juice for the party!

The servants took a nice cool glass of the juice to the man in charge of the party. He probably tasted it, then drank it all. “Mmmmm, this is such good juice!” he may have said to the bridegroom. “Most people serve the best juice at the beginning of the wedding feast. But you have saved the best until last!”

The servants were excited! Jesus’ mother and His friends were pleased. And the bride and groom were happy, too.

Jesus’ friends began to talk among themselves about the miracle juice. This was Jesus’ first miracle. And they had seen His amazing power. What would they see in the days ahead?

Jesus showed love to the bride and bridegroom, to His mother, and to His friends. The happy times you have with your friends and family are special to Jesus, too. Jesus wants us to have fun with our family and friends.