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Jesus and His disciples came across the Sea of Galilee in a boat. A big crowd was waiting. Jairus waited with the crowd. His little girl was very sick, and he came to ask Jesus to heal her.

But Jairus wasn’t the only person who wanted Jesus’ attention. Everyone wanted to be near Jesus. They crowded so closely around Him that He could hardly move.

One woman wanted to see Jesus more than anyone else. She had been sick for a very long time. For 12 years she had visited doctor after doctor, but no one could help her. Then she had heard that Jesus could heal people. She just had to see Him. She knew He could make her well.

Now, there He was, in the middle of the big crowd.

But she was too small, and the crowd was too big. Jesus was passing by. This was her last chance! She reached out and touched just the tiniest bit of the back of His robe.

Instantly she knew she had been healed! For the first time in 12 years she felt healthy and well.

But then Jesus stopped. “Who touched Me?” He asked.

One of Jesus’ special friends, Peter, thought it was a strange question. “So many people have been bumping into You in this big crowd,” said Peter.

But Jesus knew that someone special had touched Him. “I know that healing power went out of Me,” He said.

The crowd became very quiet. They looked around.

Then the trembling woman fell at Jesus’ feet. She told Jesus why she had touched Him, and that she had been healed. Then she thanked Jesus for making her well.

Jesus smiled a great big smile at her. “I’m so glad!” He said. “You are well because you believed that I could make you well. Go in peace.” Then the woman knew that she was healed because she believed in Jesus.

Can you imagine how happy she must have been? She worshipped Jesus because He cared for her and healed her. She felt a great love for Jesus. He really did love her! He really was her friend.

Jesus wants to be our friend too.