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When Jesus was a little boy, he probaby helped his father Joseph in the carpenter shop. He was busy! But when Sabbath came, Jesus did not work. After work on Friday, and before sunset, He put everything away. The shop was nice and neat.

Jesus went to church with His family and His friends on Sabbath. At church people listened to stories read from the Bible scrolls. They would talk about the stories. They would pray together. Jesus loved to go to His church in Nazareth!

When Jesus grew up, He left Nazareth. It was time for Him to help people in other towns. Wherever He went, He would go to church and teach the people more about God’s love.

After Jesus had been away for a while, He went back to visit His family and friends in Nazareth. It was so good to see everyone! The people of Nazareth had been hearing stories about Him. They knew that Jesus had made some people well. They knew He had helped many people.

Soon it was Sabbath. Jesus was happy to worship God in Nazareth again. The people were happy to see Him. They asked Him to read from the Bible scroll.

Jesus was happy to read. He liked to help in church. A helper in the church picked out a Bible scroll for Jesus to read. It was from the part of the Bible called Isaiah. Jesus took the Bible scroll in His hands and began to read. His voice was strong and clear. When Jesus stopped reading, He sat down and talked about the words He had just read.

We like to go to church on Sabbath. We like to worship God with our family and friends, too! We sing songs to tell God, “I love You!” We read from His Bible book and talk about the stories. We pray. We like to worship God just as Jesus did. Sabbath really is a happy day!

When you go to Sabbath School and church on Sabbath, you are telling Jesus that you love Him.