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The night birds cooed and the crickets chirped. Almost everyone was asleep. That’s because it was very early in the morning, just before daylight. But someone was up.

It was Jesus. Every morning Jesus woke up very early, before everybody else. He liked this time because it was so quiet. It gave Him a chance to spend time alone with God.

Later in the day people would crowd around Jesus to listen to Him and ask questions. They would bring sick people for Him to heal. Children would ask for stories.

Jesus loved to tell stories, and to help and to heal people. But before He could spend all day with the people, He knew that He needed some time alone to talk to His heavenly Father.

Jesus told His Father, God, how much He loved Him. He told God about the sinful things all around Him that made His heart sad. He told God about the people who were sick and the people who needed help. He told God about His special friends, the disciples. Jesus asked God to keep Him strong so He could help others.

And God always answered Jesus’ prayers. He would help Jesus feel safe and calm. When Jesus finished praying, His heart was full of love. Then He was ready to start His day with the people.

Jesus talked to God early in the morning. Later in the day, while teaching and healing and telling stories, He prayed to God silently by thinking the words in His head. He asked God to help Him heal the sick, to tell the right stories, to be kind and patient. He talked to His heavenly Father all day long.

You can talk to Jesus anytime, anywhere too. You can talk to Jesus anytime you’re sad or happy or afraid. You can talk to Jesus in the car, at day care, or at home.

Find your own special quiet time in your house in the morning to talk to Jesus. At the end of the day, find some time to talk with Jesus about your day. And in between, tell Jesus how much you love Him. He will always listen to you, because He loves you.