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Stars twinkled in the cool night sky. The little waves made splashing sounds on the sand. Some of the disciples walked beside the Sea of Galilee. Peter said to his friends, “Let’s go fishing tonight!”

The other disciples agreed. Soon the men were out in a fishing boat again. It was fun to talk together about Jesus’ stories and miracles. It made the time go quickly. But the fish weren’t swimming into their nets. All night long the men kept talking and trying to catch fish.

A little morning light began to show in the sky, and they still didn’t have any fish! They were tired and hungry. So they decided to quit trying and go to shore.

As they neared the shore a man called out to them. “Have you caught any fish?”

“No, not one,” they shouted back.

Then the man said, “Try again. Throw your nets on the right side of the boat!”

Something about that man made them want to try again. So they did as he suggested. And before they knew what was happening, the net filled up with fish!

Suddenly John recognized the man on the shore. He said to Peter, “Look! It’s Jesus!” Peter was so happy! He didn’t even care about all those fish now! He jumped into the water and hurried to the shore. He wanted to be near Jesus.

Pulling in the full nets was hard work. The men pulled and tugged until the full nets were on the shore. So many fish!

Jesus smiled as He watched His friends. It was fun to surprise them!

Jesus had another surprise for the disciples. A nice warm breakfast! He knew they would be tired and hungry after fishing all night. “Come and have breakfast,” He invited. And they talked and laughed while they ate breakfast together.

Jesus did a big thing when He filled the disciples’ nets full of fish. And He did a little thing when He made breakfast for them. It doesn’t matter if you help in a big way or in a little way. Jesus wants you to watch for ways that you can help others. When you serve others, you are being like Jesus. What will you do to help someone today?