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Jesus sat beside the well in the middle of the day. He was very thirsty. He was hungry, too. His disciple friends had gone into the town to buy food. But Jesus had decided to sit by the well to rest. Jesus didn’t have a bucket with a rope tied on it, so He didn’t have any way to reach any of that nice cool water. Maybe someone would come to get water from the well and offer Him a drink.

Around lunchtime a woman came to the well. She had a water jug! She was going to get some water! Jesus looked at her. He knew that she was a Samaritan. And He knew that the people of Samaria didn’t like Jews and that the Jews didn’t like Samaritans. Jesus was a Jew, but He liked Samaritans! He liked people of every country!

Jesus knew that the woman wouldn’t speak to Him. She would not speak to a Jew. So Jesus said to her, “May I please have a drink of water?”

The woman was very surprised! “You are a Jew,” she said. “And you are talking to me? You know that I’m a Samaritan!”

“That’s right!” Jesus said with a smile. Then He began to talk to the woman. She was so interested in what Jesus was saying that she forgot to get Him a drink! Jesus knew that the woman had troubles. He knew that people didn’t like her very much. But that didn’t matter to Jesus. He loved everybody!

Although He was tired and thirsty, Jesus could see that the woman needed to know about God’s love. He wanted to help her even more than He wanted a drink of water. As they talked, the woman told Him that she knew God had promised that a Savior would come and help people understand about Him.

Then Jesus surprised her! He said, “I am that Savior!”

The woman was so happy! Jesus was the Savior and He was her friend! Quickly she left her water jug and ran back into the town. She wanted to tell other people about Jesus.

It didn’t take long for people to gather at the well. The woman had told people all over town about Him. They listened to Jesus’ stories and invited Him to stay with them. For two days Jesus stayed and told them about God’s love.

Jesus loves and helps all people. It doesn’t matter to Him where they come from or what they look like. Everyone needs to know about Jesus. You can help by telling others about God’s love. You can be loving like Jesus.