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Jesus had been telling stories and helping people all day. Sad people felt happy again. Sick people were well again.

The people really wanted to stay with Jesus, but it was getting late. Slowly, slowly they began to leave.

It had been a busy day, and everyone was tired. Jesus and His disciples climbed into a boat. “Let’s go across to the other side of the lake,” He said. “We can rest there.”

A soft wind gently pushed the boat. The waves made the boat go up and down, up and down. Jesus yawned and leaned back against a pile of fishing nets. And He went right to sleep!

The sun went down, and soon it was dark. The disciples liked to be out in a boat at night. They liked the cool wind. They liked to talk together as the boat sailed across the water.

All of a sudden the wind started to blow harder. It was a strong, cold, stormy wind! The stormy wind made BIG waves that splashed into the boat. The wind blew harder and harder! It was hard to steer the boat.

The disciples were afraid! They knew that the storm could make their boat tip over! Lightning flashed and they saw Jesus sleeping. “Jesus! Jesus! Save us!” they cried.

Jesus sat up. He felt the waves splashing into the boat. He saw the frightened disciples. He stood up and He said, “Peace, be still!” And right away the strong wind stopped blowing. The waves didn’t splash into the boat anymore. The night was quiet and still.

“Why were you afraid?” Jesus asked His disciples. “You do not need to be afraid. I am with you!”

The disciples knew they were safe because Jesus was with them.

When you feel afraid, you too can say, “Jesus, please help me!” just as the disciples did.

Sometime you might see someone else who is afraid. You can help them say, “Jesus, please help me!” Maybe you could give them a hug or hold their hand. Or maybe you could get a grown-up to help. You can tell others that Jesus will help them too.