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Jesus and His disciple friends walked along the road to Jerusalem. The disciples had seen and heard many exciting things while they traveled with Jesus. Now the disciples were excited because they thought that very soon Jesus would become the king of their land. Many people wanted Jesus to be the king! They thought that if Jesus became their king, things would be better.

The disciples wanted important jobs when Jesus became king. They talked about who would have the best jobs. They argued about who would be first in Jesus’ kingdom.

James and John said to Jesus, “When You are king, we want to sit right beside You! One of us could sit on Your left, and the other could sit on Your right!”

The other disciples heard James and John talk to Jesus. It made them angry! “Why should you two be next to Jesus?” they argued. “We deserve to sit next to Jesus as much as you do! We want to be first!”

Jesus knew His friends didn’t understand what it meant to be first with Him. He called them to come closer. “You know that some people think that if they are first, they are better and greater than anyone else. But I see it differently! I think the greatest people are the people who think of others first! If you want to be first with Me in My kingdom, you will think of others first. That is My way of being first.”

The disciples listened quietly. They remembered how Jesus always helped others. They remembered how He made people feel better.

They had seen Him heal those who were blind. They had been there when He healed people who could not walk. They had watched Him hold the children in His arms. They had heard Him speak kindly to everyone. When they thought of all this, they were ashamed.

Then Jesus smiled a big warm smile. “I didn’t come here to have people do things for Me,” He said. “I came here to do things for them! That is what I want you to do too.”

And that’s what Jesus wants you to do. You can be His helper. You can be first in Jesus’ way every day!

You can look for ways to make someone else happy. You can put others first. You can be a helper! Being first in Jesus’ way is fun.