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Daddy, Mommy, and Emma were sitting on the sofa. “Tell me more about Jesus, Daddy,” said Emma. “I want to know all about Him. Tell me about when He will come again.”

“Jesus is coming back to take us home to heaven,” Daddy said. “He’s coming in the clouds with His angels.”

“Will I see the angels?” Emma asked.

“Yes,” Daddy answered. “When Jesus comes, everyone will see angels. You will see lots and lots of angels in the clouds. And you will see your special guardian angel who has loved you and taken care of you ever since you were born.”

Emma looked thoughtful. Daddy just smiled.

“I wonder what my angel’s name is,” Emma said.

Daddy laughed.

“What else will I see in heaven?” Emma asked.

“You will see Adam and Eve, and Noah, and Daniel, and Esther, and Mary, and all the Bible friends of God that we read stories about,” Daddy answered.

“What else will I see?” Emma asked.

“You will see the New Jerusalem,” Daddy said. “It’s the place where we will live. It’s more beautiful than anything we’ve ever seen before.”

Emma smiled. “What else will I see?” she asked.

“Lots of animals! All the different kinds of animals that God created,” Daddy answered. “From the tiniest bugs to the big, strong lions and polar bears. And none of them will hurt you!”

“I’m glad for that, but what else will I see in heaven?” Emma asked.

“You’ll see the best thing of all,” Daddy said. “You’ll see Jesus and God! You can listen to them tell stories. You’ll be able to hold Jesus’ hand on walks. Maybe you can have a picnic together.”

“We could eat mangoes!” Emma exclaimed.

Emma squirmed off of Daddy’s lap. She ran to the window and looked outside.

“Keep looking,” Daddy answered. “He will come. He promised. He always keeps His promises. Keep looking for Jesus every day!”