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One day a little boy’s mother heard that Jesus was in her town. She didn’t know where He was, so she asked her neighbor, “I heard that Jesus is in town. Do you know where He is? I want Him to pray for my little boy.”

“Jesus is here?” the neighbor asked. “I’ll come with you to find Him.” The neighbor picked up her little girl.

The two mothers walked quickly toward town. Another mother saw them.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“We’re going to find Jesus,” the first mother said. “Come with us!”

“I will,” said the mother. She called her two children. “Come, children. We’re going to see Jesus!”

As the mothers and their children hurried toward town, they saw more mothers with their children.

“They must know where Jesus is,” the first mother said. “Let’s follow them.”

So they did. Finally they saw Jesus sitting under a tree. He was talking to some grown-ups. Jesus’ helpers were standing nearby. They looked at all the mothers and children.

One of the mothers walked right up to the men and said, “Excuse me. We would like to have Jesus pray for our children.”

One of the men frowned. “Jesus is busy,” he answered. “Come back later.”

The mothers and the children were sad. They started to go back home. But then Jesus stood up and spoke to the frowning man. “Let the little children come to me. Don’t stop them. God loves them. They’re part of my family.”

Jesus opened His arms, and a little girl ran to Him. He picked her up and hugged her. Soon all the children ran to Him. What did Jesus do next? He let the children climb onto His lap. He let them touch His hands and His face. He let them give Him hugs.

Jesus smiled at the children. He held each child in His arms and prayed for each one. The mothers and the children were so happy that Jesus loved all the children and welcomed them into His family.

Jesus loves us! We are part of His family too!