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Most families where Jesus lived had at least one animal. Can you guess what animal that was? A donkey! Donkeys are very strong animals. They are good at carrying things. When Jesus’ family went somewhere, Jesus probably helped Joseph pack a bag with food and clothes for their donkey to carry on its back. Jesus probably cared for His family’s donkey. He made sure that the donkey had food and water. When the work was done for the day, Jesus would lead the donkey to a resting place.

If Jesus saw some children teasing an animal, He asked them to stop. If the animal looked hungry, He gave it some food. He always touched the animals gently. Horses came to the fence when He passed by. Cats liked to brush by His legs. Dogs wanted to lick His hand.

Even wild animals liked Jesus. A wild animal is one that lives outdoors and doesn’t have an owner. Squirrels probably started chattering when they saw Jesus, as if to say “Hello, Jesus!” Rabbits may have sat up on their haunches and wiggled their ears when He walked by.

If Jesus saw a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest, He probably put it back. And the mama bird may have sung an even prettier song, as if to say “Thank You, Jesus.” Jesus liked to watch insects, too. He liked to watch caterpillars, ants, and ladybugs. He let them crawl on His hand. He never stepped on them. Jesus liked looking at all the beautiful things God had made. He studied the stars and moon at night. He watched the flowers grow and the trees bud. He sometimes brought pretty flowers to His mother.

Jesus loved people most of all. He didn’t like to see anyone get hurt. If one person hurt another, He found a way to make the hurting person feel better. He shared His food with people who were hungry. If someone was thirsty, He gave them a cup of water. Jesus played with children that no one else liked. He visited people who had no families. People liked to be around Him. He sang songs as He did His work. It made His neighbors feel good to hear Him.

Jesus never destroyed flowers or grass. He was gentle to the earth. Jesus was kind to every person and every other living thing. Everyone was happier when Jesus was around.