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Jesus’ father, Joseph, was a carpenter. A carpenter is a person who builds or fixes things made of wood. Joseph may have had a workshop near his house. He built furniture in his shop. What kind of furniture do you think he made? He probably made chairs and tables and other things, too.

Joseph taught Jesus how to do carpenter’s work. He probably first showed Him how to use a hammer to pound in a nail. When Jesus was older, Joseph may have taught Him how to use a saw to cut wood. Jesus may have had to use other sharp tools in the carpenter shop. So He was very careful when He did His work. Joseph also let Him build things by Himself. Jesus put all the tools away when He was finished, and He helped clean up. He probably helped Joseph by sweeping the shop at the end of the day.

Jesus loved His father and mother. He liked helping Joseph in the carpenter shop. He liked helping Mary around the house. It made them very happy that He was so helpful. Whatever He was asked to do, Jesus did His best.

What can you do to help your parents? Perhaps you can water the plants or dust the furniture. Helping and doing your best work makes you grow up big and strong, as Jesus did.