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Jesus was little just like you. He didn’t go to nursery school. He stayed home with His mother, Mary. Every day she taught Him about God. She told Him stories about Adam and Eve, Noah and the ark, Moses and the Ten Commandments. She taught Him to pray. He probably said, “Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for loving me. Amen.” His mother taught Him songs about God like the ones you learn in Sabbath School.

Jesus and His mother, Mary, may have gone for nature walks. They probably listened to the birds sing, or watched beetles climb over logs and spiders spin their webs, or studied the dew on the grass. They watched the animals play. They may have looked at the changing colors of the sky as the sun set. As they watched all of this Mary told Jesus that God had made the world and everything in it.

Jesus may have helped His mother around the house. He made His bed. He probably helped make bread. Whatever His mother asked Him to do, He did it cheerfully.

Jesus may have helped His father, Joseph, take care of their animals. He probably fed them and gave them water. He may have helped fix things. When Jesus was older, He probably helped in His father’s carpenter shop.

Jesus was kind to His neighbors. He was helpful when He saw that someone had a need, such as helping the grandmother down the road carry her firewood or making a sad child laugh.

Jesus had time to play, too. He may have played with the neighborhood kids. When it was time to come in and His mother called Him, He came quickly.

Every Friday evening Jesus’ family ate a special meal to welcome the Sabbath. Jesus may have helped light the Sabbath candles for their meal. Then He listened carefully as His father prayed and talked about God.

On Sabbath Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the Temple. There He heard the priests read from the books of the Bible. In those days the Bible was written on scrolls. A scroll is a rolled-up piece of paper with words written on it. Jesus listened carefully to God’s words from the scroll. He learned the words and could recite them from memory.

Jesus may have sung songs while He worked. People were probably glad to pass by His house, because He made them feel happy. But most of all He made His family happy by obeying and being helpful.