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Abram, Sarai, and Lot traveled for many days. Sometimes they may have walked. Sometimes Sarai may have ridden on top of a big camel. Servants ran back and forth, keeping the herds of sheep and goats from wandering away. Pack animals carried the tents and their other belongings.

Sometimes people came to watch the large, strange caravan as it passed by. “Who are you?” they may have asked Abram. “Where are you going?”

“I am Abram,” Abram would answer. “I worship the only true God, who lives in heaven. He told me to leave my home in the city of Ur and travel to a new country. I am obeying His words.”

The people listening had never heard of Abram’s God. They may have said, “Tell us more about your God.” Some of the people who listened even decided to worship Abram’s God, and they joined Abram’s big caravan.

Finally, after a long journey, Abram and all that were with him crossed into the land of Canaan. They camped beside a great oak tree at a place called Shechem.

That day the Lord appeared to Abram. He pointed in every direction. “Abram,” said God, “I am going to give this land to your children and your children’s children and their children.”

Abram saw that the people who lived in Canaan worshipped idols. They even worshipped their idols by the very tree where the Lord appeared to Abram. But Abram didn’t worship their idols. Instead, he built an altar to the true God by that tree. He put a lamb on the altar and he and his family worshipped God there. They thanked God for leading them throughout their long journey. They thanked Him for keeping everyone safe. And they thanked God for keeping their flocks and herds safe too.

When Abram left that place and the Canaanites came back to worship their idols, they saw the altar Abram had built to the one true God. They knew that the living God had been worshipped there.

Abram, Sarai, Lot, and their servants, and all the people who joined them traveled farther and farther into the land of Canaan. God led them. He was showing Abram all the land that would belong to his children. And every time Abram stopped to camp, he built an altar and led his people in worshipping the true God.

Like Abram, God’s people today build special places to worship Him. Our church is one of them. We go there every week to worship Him.