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Noah and his family had been living in the ark for a whole year, and they were, most likely, eager to get out. The animals were probably wanting to get out too. Finally God said to Noah, “It is time. It is time to leave the ark.”

So God sent an angel to open the heavy door. The animals thundered down the ramp. Horses kicked up their heels as they ran. Kangaroos bounced happily back and forth. Eagles soared, and lions roared.

Noah and his family felt happy and sad at the same time. They were very happy to be out of the ark. But they were sad at what they found outside the ark. Even though new green grass sprouted almost everywhere and young trees were beginning to poke up through the ground, it didn’t look anything at all like the beautiful world they had left when they entered the ark. But they were safe. God had kept His promise.

So Noah built an altar and gathered his family around it. They thanked God for keeping His promise to save them from the terrible flood. They praised God for His protection. God gave Noah’s family a special blessing. “Have many babies,” God said. “Fill the earth.”

Then God gave them a promise. “I am making a promise to you, and to all who come after you. Even though rain will fall, I will never again destroy the whole world with a flood. Look in the sky, and you will see the sign of My promise.”

Noah and his family looked up. A brilliant rainbow stretched across the heavens. They had never seen anything like it before. “Whenever you see the rainbow in the clouds,” God said, “you can be sure that I will keep My promise.”

Noah and his family stayed near the altar for a long time. They may have sung songs and prayed prayers of thanksgiving. They had a rainbow sign. They knew God would always keep His promises. And we know that too. God has never again covered the whole earth with water. He still keeps His rainbow promise.

Just as God kept His promise to Noah and his family, God will keep His promises to us today. We can find His promises in His Word, the Bible. And we can be sure He will keep them because He loves us very much.