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Noah’s son stacked the last sack of grain with the other food in the ark, then came to stand beside his father at the open door. Noah was quiet for a long time. Finally he said, “It is finished. We have done everything the Lord told us to do.”

Noah marched down the ramp. A small crowd of people had gathered around it. People often came there to hear Noah tell about the coming flood.

“Water has never covered the earth!” they may have shouted. “Why should we believe that it ever will?”

“Because God told me it will,” Noah always answered. But these people didn’t love God. They didn’t care about what God said.

“It’s almost time,” Noah said to the people. “The ark is finished.

The flood is coming! Come into the ark,” he may have begged. “God wants so much to save you!” Nobody believed him.

Nobody believed God.

Then suddenly someone may have shouted, “Lions!”

Everyone turned to see. Two lions padded together toward the crowd. But the lions didn’t even seem to see the people. They had their eyes fixed on the ark. They walked right up the ramp and disappeared inside.

“Elephants! Elephants!” a little boy yelled. Two big gray elephants trotted toward the ark. They also climbed up the long ramp and disappeared inside.

“What kind of trick is this?” someone shouted. “How are you making the animals do that?”

Noah’s face spread into a huge smile. “It’s the Lord!” he exclaimed. “The Lord is leading the animals aboard. I don’t have anything to do with it!”

All that day animals came into the ark. The crowd watched in silence. When the last animal was safely inside, Noah once again came to the door of the ark. “This is your last chance,” Noah may have pleaded. “Please come inside and be safe.”

But no one moved. So Noah turned away and walked quietly back into the ark. Then God Himself shut the big door and sealed Noah’s family and the animals safely inside.

God had a plan to take care of Noah’s family and the animals. And He has a plan to take care of us, too.