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God looked at the world He had made. It had been very beautiful in the beginning but the people had become very wicked. Just a few people still loved and worshipped God. Most people did every bad thing they could think of. It made God very sad to see so much sin and wickedness and suffering on the earth. God decided He would have to destroy the earth and start over.

God went to talk to His friend Noah, a good man, and one of the few people who still loved and worshipped God. God told Noah, “I have decided to destroy the earth because it is so wicked. I am going to send a big flood of deep water to cover all the earth. But I want to save those people who love Me. Make a big boat so you and your family will be safe. Make it big enough so people and animals can go into the boat with you.”

God told Noah how to make the boat. “Use wood cut from a cypress tree,” He said, “long pieces of wood. Cover the inside and outside of the boat with pitch, so water can’t get in. Make the boat very, very long, and very wide, and very tall.”

The boat was to be three stories tall, with a downstairs, an upstairs, and another upstairs. It was to be a big boat!

Noah listened carefully to everything God told him to do. Then he obeyed and started building the boat that we call an ark today.

Building such a big boat was a big job, and it would take a long, long time. Noah needed help. His three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, helped him. Others helped too. They went into the forest and chopped down cypress trees. They cut the trees into boards and made them smooth. Then they began to fasten the boards together. Slowly, slowly, they put the boat together. Just as God told them, they covered the boat with pitch, a kind of tar, so it would float safely.

Noah followed God’s instructions very carefully. The Bible says he did everything as God commanded. God was with Noah and his helpers and watched over them. God wants us to follow His instructions too. Our Bibles tell us what God wants us to do. When we obey God, we are worshipping Him