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Adam and Eve really liked the Garden of Eden home God had made for them. Every day they learned something new.

One day Eve found herself in the middle of the garden beside a beautiful tree. She knew that was the only tree in the garden whose fruit God said they were not to eat.

Suddenly she heard a voice. “Did God really say you cannot eat from any tree in the garden?”

Who was that? Eve looked up. There in the tree branches she saw a beautiful serpent, and it was talking to her! “We can eat the fruit of the trees in the garden,” Eve answered. “But not the fruit of this tree, or we will die,” she added.

“You will not die,” said the serpent, who was really Satan. “God is just trying to keep something special away from you. Go ahead. Try it. It really is very good.”

Eve looked at the fruit. It did look good. So she decided to believe the serpent and chose to disobey God. She took some fruit and ate it. Then she picked more and gave some to Adam.

Adam also decided to disobey God. He quickly took the fruit and ate it. Suddenly they were so ashamed that they wanted to cover themselves and hide. When they disobeyed God, they lost their robes of light. So they sewed some fig leaves together and covered themselves. Later that day God came to walk with them. But when they heard God calling, they hid from Him.

“Adam,” called God. “Where are you? Eve! Adam! Where are you?”

Finally Adam answered. “I heard You calling, and I was afraid, so I hid.”

God knew what had happened. “Did you eat fruit from the tree I told you not to eat from?” He asked.

It was hard to admit to God that they had disobeyed Him. First Adam blamed Eve; then Eve blamed the serpent.

God was very sad. He told Adam and Eve that because they chose to disobey, they would have to leave their beautiful garden home. But God still loved them. He used animal skins to make clothes for them. And He promised them that someday His own Son would die to rescue them from their sins.

God truly loved Adam and Eve, and He loves you and me, too. Even when we do something wrong, He still loves us. He is always ready to forgive us if we are truly sorry for what we have done.