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The warm sun was just peeking over the edge of the world as Adam and Eve woke up. Last night they had watched the sun slowly disappear.

Tree branches rustled softly in a gentle wind. A little bird with brilliant red and green and yellow feathers perched there. Adam chuckled softly. He raised his hand, and the little bird swooped down and sat on it.

A huge lion ambled out of the trees. With a contented sigh the lion stretched out on the ground and leaned against Eve’s leg. Eve rubbed his beautiful, fluffy mane. The lion snuggled closer. Butterflies played tag across the grass. Elephants trumpeted somewhere in the distance.

Just then they heard a voice close by. “It’s God!” they exclaimed happily. God had come to the garden.

“Come!” God said. “Let’s go exploring.” The three of them wandered through Eden, the special garden that God had created just for Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve heard the rushing waters of the great river long before they saw it. The water sparkled in the early-morning light as if it were covered with tiny diamonds. When the river flowed out of the garden, it split into four separate smaller rivers. Eve looked as far as she could see and wondered where each of the rivers went.

God spent the whole day with Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve tasted new foods. They skipped and ran in the meadows. They joined the angels in singing praises to God. “I have blessed this day and made it holy,” God explained as they enjoyed the day together, “because I am resting from creating this new earth. Every seventh day will be Sabbath. It will be our special day to spend together.”

And the evening and the morning were the earth’s seventh day. It was the end of the very first week of God’s wonderful new world. It was the very first Sabbath.

The Sabbath still comes to us every seventh day. It is our special time to be with God. It is a time to enjoy everything He has made for us.