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God looked at a place of darkness and water. It was too dark to see anything, and there were no sounds except the sound of water.

Then God spoke. “Let there be light,” He said. And there was light! God divided the light and the darkness. The light He called day. The darkness He called night. And that was the end of the first day of our world.

On the second day God created air and the beautiful blue sky to surround the new world. And the evening and the morning made the earth’s second day.

The next day God said, “Let the water under the sky come together, and let dry ground appear.” Suddenly the waters came together in certain places, and dry land appeared. God called the dry places “land,” and the waters He called the “seas.” God saw that this was good.

But there was still more work to do on this day. God spoke again, and the earth became beautifully green with grass and trees. Red and orange and purple and yellow flowers nodded in the gentle breeze. Plants and trees grew tasty things to eat. Before night crept over the land on the third day, God looked at all these beautiful, delicious things. He liked what He saw. “It’s good,” He said.

The next day God said, “Let there be lights in the sky!” And it was so. The new, brilliant sun warmed the earth by day, and that night the moon threw moonbeams across the peaceful seas. Millions and millions of tiny stars twinkled in the night sky. And God said, “That’s good.”

Although the earth was beautiful, it was still a quiet place. But that was about to change! On the fifth day God spoke again. “Let the water be filled with living creatures,” He said, “and let birds fly above the earth.”

Dolphins and whales splashed in the seas. Brightly colored fish danced in the streams. The seas filled with swimming creatures. Birds of every color chirped and squawked and screeched and cooed. God saw that this was good.

When a new day dawned, God spoke again. This time He called for living creatures on the land. Great animals like the elephant and hippopotamus lumbered across the earth. Lions and tigers swished their long tails. Kangaroos and rabbits hopped along. Puppies played, and horses neighed.

God looked at the beautiful world He had created. Then He said, “This is good!” And so it was.