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The Giant and the Rock

Key References: 1 Samuel 17; Patriarchs and Prophets, chap. 63, pp. 643-648; The Bible Story (1994), vol. 4, pp. 9-13; Our Beliefs, nos. 3, 11, 8.

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“For the Lord takes delight in his people; he crowns the humble with victory” (Psalm 149:4).

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God is our champion; He wins the victory for us.

Think of a time you were sent on a special errand. Was it something you really wanted to do, or did you dread doing it? Did the experience turn out very diff erent from what you had expected? In today’s story a young man was sent on an errand that turned into a battle!

The young man, David, reached the top of the last hill he had to climb and looked down at the camp of the army of Israel spread out before him. His father had sent him with supplies for his three older brothers, who had been camped here with the army for several weeks. Father wanted to know how things were going.

“What’s happening?” David called to one of the soldiers.

“There’s movement from the Philistines’ battle lines. Our men are lining up to fight.”

David, looking anxious, hurried to his brothers.

“What are you doing here?” Eliab greeted him with irritation.

“I’ve brought . . .” David began, but suddenly there was silence all around him. From the lines of the Philistines an enormous man swaggered forward. Rays of sunlight bounced off his bronze helmet and battle vest. Hanging from his back was the biggest javelin David had ever seen. A soldier walked in front of him, carrying his huge shield.