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Elder’s Digest Series: 10 Commandments for Developing an Effective Community-based Ministry

Are You a Thermometer or a Thermostat?

An inspiring story of how a few individuals were able to transform a whole community for the better and what lessons Adventists can learn. Read More.

Let the Poor Give Too

Why it’s important for our community ministries to emphasize working with and alongside the people we are serving. Read More.

In Guyana, President Jagdeo commends Adventist community focus

National leader enlists further support from church to address social, economic challenges  Read More.

Salt Is Not the Whole Recipe

Local congregations often organize around their “insiders” rather than around their mission to their community. Church members need to become “insiders” with people and organizations in the community around their church—just like salt mixed inside dough transforms it. It’s not only about us—the salt. . . to read more Read More.

Pastor the Community, Not Just Members, Adventist Church Leaders Urge

Community outreach is a way to enhance and transform traditional witnessing methods. We need a paradigm shift. What would it be like if every Adventist church was seen by their communities as indispensable, and Adventist pastors nurtured their communities, not only their church members?  To read more, Read More.

Let the Community Be The Pulpit, Adventist Church President  Says

“Don’t confine spirituality to the church pew,” Seventh-day Adventist world church president Jan Paulsen told a group of church leaders during remarks meant to kindle more deliberate community involvement by Adventists, who -- despite recent marginal improvements -- still score low in ministry beyond the pulpit according to church officials. Read more. Read More.

Guiding Principles for Sabbath Observance

Observing the Sabbath is related to our relationship to God and others. Sabbath is a weekly time-gift that carves out an undistracted opportunity to focus on unselfish service for God and humanity. Meaningful Sabbath-keeping occurs when we seek guidance in living it based on biblical principles. This article will explore some of these principles, which provide a foundation for our Sabbath rules/practices. God will help us to reflect and live His character as we translate these principles into actions.  What better day to reflect His nature than on Sabbath—the day above all days! Read More.

Is Your Church a River Church?

Nestled away in Ezekiel 47 is a refreshing stream of hope and good news for thirsty and dying communities around us. The passage begs a question: Is your church a river church? As you read this article you will be encouraged to realize that even though your church may seem to have little impact in your community, the healing waters from your church can grow and grow, bringing life wherever they flow. Read More.

Do You Have Compassion Fatigue or Joy in Service?

Many times we have viewed service as an obligation rather than an opportunity. When our lives are overtaxed and out of balance and harmony, the obligation part might overshadow the opportunity part. Joy is hard to come by when you are worn and tired. How can joy in service happen in your life? As you read this article you will see that joyful service is a healthy thing to do. Read More.

Pay It Forward an ACS report from Singapore

Witness the community outreach of a church in Singapore that actuated the concept of Paying It Forward. Read More