Sabbath School Handbook and Leaflets

Here, in one location, is all you need to develop and run a vital, transformational Sabbath School. Whether you’re a superintendent, a teacher, a secretary or an investment leader, you’ll find clear, specific guidelines in the Sabbath School Handbook and series of Sabbath School leaflets.

The Sabbath School Handbook outlines a full, comprehensive overview of what is recommended for a local Sabbath School. The leaflets are similar in content, though more centrally specific as they focus on the different components of Sabbath School.

All are free and downloadable.

Sabbath School Handbook (Manual de la Escuela Sabática)

This is everything you need to know to initiate and conduct a great Sabbath School program in the local church. This handbook deals fully with every element of Sabbath School and provides a great overview of the tools and objectives that combine to make it a success.

Action Units

The small-group dynamic provides an especially effective way to fulfill the four objectives of Sabbath School. Action units implement this small-group concept to breathe life into your Sabbath School.

Adult Sabbath School Teacher

The teacher of the Sabbath School class for adults has a unique responsibility to present a transformational atmosphere in which members are drawn to Christ through God’s Word. This leaflet provides ways in which the teacher becomes a facilitator of a way to come to know the Bible and to know Jesus.

Branch Sabbath Schools

Branch Sabbath Schools are a proven way to evangelize people in the surrounding community and win them to the wonderful Seventh-day Adventist family. Guidelines are provided in this leaflet for reaching out to friends and neighbors in a special way.

Community-friendly Sabbath Schools

How do visitors feel when they walk in the door of your Sabbath School program? Principles of warmth and openness are outlined in this leaflet to make your Sabbath School a truly inviting place to be.

Counsels on Sabbath School Teaching

Ellen White provided clear and compelling principles of learning that will enhance the effectiveness of any teacher, no matter what his or her experience. This leaflet is a compilation of quotations from her writings focused specifically on the Sabbath School teacher.

Extension Division

Just because someone is physically unable to attend a Sabbath School doesn’t mean he or she must be ever deprived of its blessings. You can learn ways in this leaflet to develop and run an effective extension division of your local Sabbath School that will include those who may not be able to be with you.

Investment Secretary

Over the past century, creative investment projects have inspired Sabbath School members to engage in fun and unexpected ways to support the world mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The Investment plan in the local Sabbath School begins with able and energetic leadership, for which this leaflet offers great ideas and wise counsel.

Decision Days

One of the key objectives of Sabbath School for children and youth is to prepare them for decisions for baptism. This leaflet provides clear suggestions as to how Sabbath School leaders and teachers may help young people to move toward this vitally important choice.

Sabbath School Organization

An effective Sabbath School begins with organization. This comprehensive guide to the planning and conducting of the local Sabbath School summarizes its basic elements and gives specific direction to its development.

Sabbath School Secretary

The secretary of the local Sabbath School is pivotal to its smooth organization. The duties and responsibilities of this important role are outlined in this practical guide.

Sabbath School Superintendent

The superintendent of the local Sabbath School undertakes a full-fledged ministry that seeks to provide a winning atmosphere in which members are enriched in fellowship and the study of God’s word as well as trained to become effectives disciples. This comprehensive guide provides all the tools for the superintendent to meet these goals.

Visitation in the Sabbath School

What are the principles of visitation that will bring comfort to new visitors and members who have strayed away? This and other timely questions are fully answered in this leaflet.

Welcome and Ushering

The art of making someone feel welcome is primary in the development of a warm, inviting Sabbath School atmosphere. This leaflet will help to make your greeters and ushers true emissaries of friendliness and care.

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