Cool Tools for Sabbath School

In cooperation with the International Sabbath School Teachers’ Association, this page offers a robust online source of ways to enrich your Sabbath School. It provides downloadable articles and activities to enhance the preparation of teachers and leaders. And many of them are great ideas for personal projects too!

In addition to the four basic dynamics of a vibrant Sabbath School (Bible study, fellowship, outreach, and mission), the resources available in this library are organized under topics that pertain to Sabbath School. When you need some help in the development of your skills in teaching and leadership, take some time to explore the resources available here. Share what you find here with others who are in leadership positions for your local Sabbath School. And return to this page often; we’ll be adding resources regularly!

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Special Needs


“It Ain't Easy Being Green” 

7 Tips for Being an Effective Chair 

A Question of Space 

A Reason that Counts 

Affirmation of Mission 

Be Irresistible Leaders 

Be an Emotional Survivor 

Come Early! 

Developing Monthly Programming Themes 

Do You Have a Passion For Souls? 

Do You Hear Voices? 

Do the Creative Stretch 

Don't Run 'Em Off! 

Educational Supervision

Eight Leadership Pitfalls to Avoid 

Engage Your Sabbath School! 

Family Worship in the Fast Lane: Visitors' Day 

Getting Real in Sabbath School 

Give Your Classes an Identity 

Going Postal Over Attendance 

Growing Churches Through Classes.1 

Growing Churches Through Classes.2 

Hold Fast Your Members 

How Do I Get People to Take Part? 

How Improvisation Integrates Learning 

How to Attract Men to Sabbath School 

How to Lead and Follow 

How to Make Sabbath School Yours 

How to Start a New Believers Class 

How to Straighten Out Crooked Leaders 

How to Tend Your Flock: Home Visitation 

How to Tend Your Flock: Mentoring is Evangelism 

How to Tend Your Flock: The Pastor's Class 

Intrinsic Rewards: Keys to Service 

It's Proverbial 

Lead by Example 

Leadership is a Relationship.1 

Leadership is a Relationship.2 

Meeting Their Needs 

Mentoring Pays Dividends 

Misery-proof Your Group 

Notes for the Conductor 

Orchestrate the Praise 

Organizational Ideas 

Power: Surges or Shortages? 

Ring Up the Praise! 

Role-playing Teaches 

Sabbath School Council Meetings 

Sabbath School Potpourri 

Secrets to our Success 

Setting Sabbath School Goals and Using Incentives 

Share What You Have 

Show Interest in Missing Members 

Space - The Final Frontier 

Suggestions for New Superintendents 

Superintendents' Certification 

Superintendents' Training - Lesson 1; Personal Development 

Superintendents' Training - Lesson 2; The Agenda 

Superintendents' Training - Lesson 3; Personal Development 

Teacher Commitment Service 

The Moses Model 

The Sabbath School Leader as an Organizer

The Sabbath School Personal Ministries Team 

Things That Mattered 

Time Will Tell 

Time Wise 

Too Many Chiefs! 

What About Sabbath School Expense Offering? 

What Adults Need 

What Leaders Must Know About Temperaments 

Why Study the Sabbath School Lessons? 


A Change in Perspective 

A Relational Approach 

Aim for Growth 

All Bright and Beautiful: Multiple Intelligences 

Answer the Call to Facilitate 

Bible Learning Activities 

Class Facilitators 

Class Participation Ideas 

Clear Up the Fog 

Connecting: Another Mind Frame for Bible Study 

Conquering Self-Doubt 

Cultural Diversity 

Decision-making and Problem-solving 

Develop Compatibility 

Digging Deep in the Word 

Don't Ask Me to Remember It All! 

Enliven Your Small Groups 

Facilitate Success for Everyone 

Facilitators Can Raise the Bar 

Faith-enhancing Questions 

Feed Them to Capacity 

Fill in the Blanks 

Five Ways to Improve as a Teacher 

Get Them Into the Word 

Getting to the Doing 

Guidelines for Exegesis 

Hearing Aids for Listeners 

Holy Hobbies 

How Do Your Questions Grow? 

How to Be a Top-notch Leader 

How to Encourage Bible Study 

How to Handle a Sensitive Issue 

How to Hear Beyond Words 

How to Tell a Story That's Worth Listening To 

How to Use Kinesthetic Activities 

Imaginative Class Members 

Imaginative Facilitators - Teachers 

Interactive Bible Projects 

Keeping It All Together 

Learn the Learning Styles 

Learn to Listen with Love 

Learning Styles in Sabbath School 

Learning from the News 

Learning to Talk; Talking to Learn 

Let's Be Creative 

Level the Playing Field 

Listening in Sabbath School 

Look Past Quirks and Qualms 

Make No Room for Boredom 

Making the Lesson Practicable 

Making the Personal Connection 

Meaningful Interaction 

Meeting Felt Needs 

Methods of Jesus Self-Directed Seminar 

Mind Frames in Effective Bible Study 

Multiple Intelligences 

Nine Ways to Get Along With Saints and Sinners 

Nonverbal Communication 

Object Lessons 

Postmoderns' Indispensable Question 

Powerful Quotes and Summaries 

Principles of Biblical Interpretation 

Questioning Guidelines 

Reaching the Heart 

Sabbath School Self Directed Teachers’ Seminar 

Sensory Engagement During Learning 

Six Teaching Ideas 

Small Group Guidelines 101 

Stirring Things Up with Questions 

Teach Versus Learn 

Teach With the Brain in Mind 

Teachers' Temptations 

Tell Me a Story 

Ten Tips to Keep Members Talking 

The Ambiance of Three 

The Caring Sabbath School Class 

The Case for Gentle Words 

The Doing Brain 

The Heart Has an Ear 

The Holy Spirit's Influence 

The Influence of Gender 

The Laws of Teaching 

The Making of Motivation

The Servant Leader 

The Value of Questionnaires 

They Take Them by Surprise 

Things to Remember 

Too Much Reading 

Transformational Sabbath School for Youth 

What Groups are Really About 

What is Effective Teaching? 

What to Do with Conflict 

When Answers Aren't Enough 

You're Worth More Than That!